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Case Study

Specialist moulding case study

The brief

We often get asked to produce bespoke items that require specialist mouldings for the bakery, catering and food processing industries, which is one of our particular manufacturing strengths.

A recent example was a request from a bakery business for a 762 x 457mm tray to be used in both ambient and freezing applications and that had to be very strong and allow maximum ventilation.

The design process

The first stage of the process was to identify the specific requirements before developing a design that would exactly match the customers’ needs. Our designers enjoy working with customers on a one-to-one basis to incorporate all of the necessary features and achieve the perfect solution for them.

The product

We came up with this unique tray that demonstrates the type of product that can be achieved by our skilled craftsmen with dedicated tooling.

Specific features include:

  • A single moulding with retaining rim around the edge.
  • Integral handles for easy lifting.
  • Smooth inner tray surface for effective cleaning.
  • An underside channel that is easy to clean and adds significant rigidity for lifting of heavier loads.

Moulded locators have been incorporated into the base of the trays
so that they can be stacked efficiently.

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